May 6, 2013

Decatur Lunch Crawl

I met up with a buddy to eat some lunch around Decatur last week. First stop was at Chai Pani.
I hadn't been to Chai Pani since my couple of visits during their opening weeks. We didn't do too much damage as we were making several lunch stops.
The Somosa Chaat was good, but I was somewhat underwhelmed by the level of seasoning this time. The kale fritters were good, as always. We also got some masala fries. I don't understand the matchstick-sized french fry. Eating one or two at a time is tedious. Taking a fork and shoving a dozen or so in your mouth at a time seems gluttonous. This isn't so much a knock on Chai Pani as it is the matchstick-sized fry in general.
Next stop was Cakes & Ale for some grain bowl action. This itieration had a distinct Mexican-tilt to it, with black beans, cilantro, and avocado topping saffron-seasoned yellow rice. It was very good. Perhaps not as refined as some of David Sweeney's best bowls, but there was still an interesting depth to the contrast of flavors.
After Cakes & Ale we strolled up a few doors to the new Steady Hand pop-up at Iberian Pig for a cortado. We only had coffee, but the lunch menu sounded great. For a much more detailed post on Steady Hand, see my friend Broderick's great pics and post at Savory Exposure.
We finished off our little lunch crawl with beers at The Brick Store. If you don't know The Brick Store, you should. The Farmhouse Tank 7 Ale from Boulevard Brewing was a good cap to the lunch crawl. Until next time.

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