April 20, 2013

Here and There Eats

Some recent pics of home cooking and more.
Porterhouse cut chops from Pine Street Market on the Big Green Egg.
I fooled around with some duck confit, which I had not done in some time. The pic above in case you'd forgotten what 5 pounds of raw duck fat looks like.
The remnants after reduction.
Duck confit. I used some of this duck to make duck confit tacos with cojita, red onion, and whipped avocado. Good stuff.
I also decided to go vegetarian for a couple of weeks, which led to me making the above picutred no-bake vegetarian enchiladas topped with with carrot sofrito. An interesting dish I got from the recent copy of Food & Wine. Carrot sofrito is a revelation. Make a lot of it, you won't be sorry. It's great on sandwiches and tossed into pasta. It's basically finely diced carrots and garlic simmered in a good dose of olive oil until it's soft with a sauce-like consistency.
Spent some time recently in Rosemary Beach, where it's an easy bike ride in the morning to grab some killer donuts from Charlie's. I'm not a big fan of doughnuts, but these are pretty good.
Food trucks along 30A in Seaside, FL. 
 The Melt Down on 30A.
Tasty Grilled Cheese.

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