March 22, 2013

Tasty China!

I hadn't made a trip out to the original Tasty China in Marietta in quite some time. Tasty China is a bit of a legendary restaurant, in part due to the mercurial Peter Chang's time as chef here. Several years ago I got schooled on the brilliance of Tasty China by this guy, who is now winning raves as a winemaker in California. There was a period of time when our food and wine geek team would frequent Tasty China, getting strange glances from the other diners, as we did again last week, as we carry in two dozen of our own wine glasses and literally dozens of bottles of wine. It's always a good time. Some of the dishes from this current visit:
Fragrant shrimp with chilis and fried onions. 
Dry-fried, spicy eggplant. A favorite. Killer dish. Numbingly spicy.
Braised white fish in an insanely spicy chili oil. Crazy dish. Really freaking spicy, but so good.
 Lamb "hot pot." Eh, this was just ok.
What to drink with all this spicy Sichaun-style Chinese food? Off-dry white wines, like this Pouilly Fume from Didier Dagueneau.
Or this killer 1983 Riesling from the Rheingau. A sublime wine.
The aftermath.

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