March 11, 2013

Recent Eats & Drinks

Some recent pics of food and drink things around town.
Paid a couple visits to the new Victory Sandwich Bar on Church a couple weeks back. It was good; nothing earthshaking, but solid little sandwiches. The sandwiches are small, so don't think you are making a steal when you see $4 each on the menu. You probably want to eat a couple if you have any kind of regular appetite. The Cool Chik above is pretty good as are the side spicy ramen noodles for $3.
The beeter: "Beet" pastrami, kimchi.Beet slices topped with spicy kimchi. Kind of a sloppy sandwich that's hard to keep together, but the mix of beet and kimchi is an interesting flavor combo.
The Castro:Victory's take on a Cuban. Pretty good.
Also stopped in recently for breakfast at the Bakery at Cakes and Ale. Above is the Decatur Breakfast Sandwich. House made English muffins, eggs, gruyere, and scallions. Hits the spot on a Saturday morning after a long Friday night. As does the Caliente, a spicy Mexican mocha (with house made marshmallows!), picture below:
Recent dinner at Big Tex was made better by this tasty, seasonal Smitten Golden Rye Ale from Bell's:Only available in February and March it's another winner from the good folks at Bell's.

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