March 30, 2013

Recent Eats and Drinks

Some recent pics from home cooking and a couple meals with friends. I made the salad below from a recipe in Richard Blais' new cookbook. It was good. Not really groundbreaking, but an interesting take on a traditional iceberg and blue cheese salad with Blais' homemade "ranch" dressing. I added chorizo. Tasty enough.
Also took another stab at making Ramen. This batch was even better than my first attempt last month. I let the five pounds of pork bones roast for over an hour to get some nice caramelization and I let the stock simmer for eight hours. It was rich, with deep salty/porky flavor. I used some decent Ramen noodles that I found by chance in the "International" aisle at my local Kroger.
The dish below was made by my friend Rowdy during a recent outing at his house. Spaghetti with garlic, lemon, and grated bottarga with some parsley and tarragon thrown in for good measure. Good stuff.
We also drank some damn fine wines from Burgundy that night:
Back at home I opened this incredible bottle of California Syrah from Edmunds St. John, a winery I've raved about here in the past. Affordable California Syrah that ages for 20+ years and reminds you of a great Cote Rotie. What's not to love?
I also recently did another lunch run on Buford Highway. The second lunch that day, after Gu's, was a stop at Chicago Supermarket, where we ate the legit tacos pictured below. Great stuff. More on this and other Buford Highway fun later.

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