March 2, 2013

NOLA, Part Three: Domilise's Po-Boys

The third and final post on eats during my New Orleans trip last month. One of the food highlights of the trip was a visit to Domilise's Po-Boy shop. I was unfamiliar with Domilise's before the trip, but my friends who were playing tour guide assured me we had to go to what was their favorite place for po-boys when they were living in the area. Come to find out, Domilise's is a bit of a legend in New Orleans having been a fixture in uptown for over 70 years. They were recently profiled as part of the Sandwich Story video series by Saveur, as well as being singled out as the NOLA Po-boy shop in a recent feature in Garden & Gun.

Domilise's feels untouched by time. The menu above appears virtually unchanged for decades, except for the prices. There's no pretense here; you might even drive right by the place if you weren't really looking for it. However, what you find inside, is good folks serving up killer po-boys, which is all they have from this homey location for generations.
    The humble kitchen where the magic happens.
   The oyster station.
    The back bar.
    Fried shrimp and fried oyster po-boy. You've got to get your po-boy "dressed," which adds lettuce,
    pickles, ketchup, hot sauce, and mayo. The combo of the fat, crispy gulf oysters with the creamy
    mayo and veggies is just sublime. A good baguette is key, too, and Domilese's uses bread from
    Leidenheimer's, another local family-owned company with long, deep roots in New Orleans.
    If you ever find yourself in New Orleans, do yourself a favor and head uptown to try one of these
Domilises Po-Boy & Bar on Urbanspoon    po-boys. You won't be disappointed.