February 6, 2013

Mother Earth Brewing

I don't really drink a lot of beer, or maybe I do, but I just tell myself I don't. I am a fan, though, of good craft beers that catch my attention. Recently, the beers from Mother Earth Brewing have done just that. I first encountered MEB at their small table at the 2012 Decatur Beer Fest. Since then, I've been able to find their beers around town and I am continually impressed. Home for Mother Earth Brewing is Kinston, NC, in the southeastern corner of the state. They only started distribution in Atlanta in April of 2012. You might guess from the name, but there is a certain earth-friendly, hippie vibe to the company that is seen in their green practices that include using solar power, blue jean insulation, and green brewing techniques such as recycling spent grain and making tap handles from bamboo.

Mother Earth Brewing's commitment to sustainability and earth-friendly practice seems to translate in the uniqueness of their beers. From the herbal-tinged Weeping Willow Belgian-Style Wit, to the Old Neighborhood Oatmeal Porter, and my favorite, the hoppy, and deliciously crisp and bitter, Sisters of the Moon Pale Ale. If you've not tried these beers, do poke around town and find some. Decatur Wine & Spirits on Dekalb Industrial Way has singles, which is the perfect way to try a few.

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