November 29, 2012

The Little Wine Shop and an Funky, Old-Vine Gamay

This post isn't just about the wine pictured above, though, the wine did provide some of the impetus. This post is as much a plug for the place where I bought the wine, The Little Wine Shop in Avondale Estates. For years, I drove past LWS, never stopping in to see what was going because, frankly, when the shop first opened in 2009, I didn't think their inventory was very interesting. Truth is, I buy a lot of wine online where one can find aged Burgundy and other gems, so when I shop around town I look for interesting new wines to try. However, a few months ago, I stopped by LWS and found they had recently changed owners who brought substantial change to the inventory. There appears to be a focus on small producers, natural wines, and very interesting wines in the sub $25 category.

The 2009 Jean Francois Merieau Le Bois Jacou is an old vine Gamay from the Touraine area of the Loire Valley. It's an old school, farmer wine that is full of personality. It's earthy, dirty in a good way, and loaded with edgy red fruit. It is a rather austere wine at first and needs some air to open up a bit. There are a good many wines like this one at LWS; I'll be posting on some of those bottles in the coming weeks. If you live in the area and haven't stopped by LWS, it's a great place to sock up on wines for holiday parties.

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