October 3, 2012

Szechuan-Southern Fried Chicken

I was fortunate to hang out with some good friends last weekend and eat some ridiculously good Szechuan-style-southern fried chicken, a specialty of a local friend who is a jedi in the kitchen. This is not your everyday hot chicken, it's cast-iron fried and then doused liberally in a variety of spices, including some very spicy szechuan peppers. This chicken has been immortalized and deconstructed here in the past. I'll just say it's some of the best spicy chicken you'll ever have. Actually it's beyond spicy, hot and numbing is perhaps a more apt description.
What to drink to put out the flames from some each eats? A German Riesling with a good dose of residual sugar served on the cold side. The sweetness from the 1990 JJ Christoffel Auslese** pictured below was a perfect match for the uber-spicy chicken.
As we are want to do, we drank some great wines, including this sublime trio of aged Lopez de Heredia Tondonia and Bosconia. These LDH wines age incredibly well, becoming almost Burgundian in their fragrance and subtlety. And it's always fun to drink a birth-year wine for me.
Per usual, we drank some good Burgundy, too.

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