October 23, 2012

2012 Decatur Craft Beer Festival

I'm not exactly sure how this happened with me living in Decatur for the last 15 years, but I had never been to the Decatur Beer Festival before attending this past weekend. I was usually out of town or had other things going on during previous festivals, or maybe I simply wasn't quick enough to jump on the tickets that usually sell out within an hour of when they go on sale. However, I finally made it to the festival this weekend where the weather was perfect for mulling around Decatur square drinking craft beer.
The crowd was huge, as always. It was almost prohibitively crowded with it being difficult to literally get through some parts of the festival based on the layout. I know the organizers purposefully limit the number of tickets sold to 4,000, but honestly, it wouldn't hurt if the number of tickets sold was half that number.
That being said, there was some very good beer being poured from the more than 40 breweries represented. There was also a good number of local and regional brews like Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. out of Mississippi which had a strong lineup, including the rocking good Jefferson Stout.
The good folks from Georgia's own Wild Heaven were also there serving some of the longest lines of the day at their tent where they were pouring Invocation and Ode to Mercy as well as Let There Be Light.
Some interesting beers from Lost Abbey/Port Brewing Company out of San Marcos, CA. The Lost Abbey bottles feature some rather menacing labeling, but the beers are pretty damn good.

One of my favorite beers on the day: the Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn Brewing. A re-fermented saison that uses Japanese-developed Sorachi Ace hop. The beer has lots of floral aromatics and a citrus-driven, crisp taste on the palate. Really tasty stuff that I'd never tried before.

One of the strongest lineups of the day came from Green Flash Brewing Company out of San Diego. For some reason, I don't think of San Diego when I think of craft beers, but these beers are the real deal. Their Rayon Vert is a tasty, Belgian-style ale.

Other favorites from the festival include Finch's Beer Company out of Chicago and Mother Earth Brewing  from NC.


  1. I was hoping for some good drunk frat boy stories!

  2. Ha. Apparently, public intoxication never goes out of style.

  3. Green Flash and Port Brewing/Lost Abbey are the Jam!