September 10, 2012

Pig and More

Some words and pics from a recent suckling pig roast and party with friends over the holiday weekend. The star of the get together was the suckling pig sourced from Caw Caw Creek Farm. He got a little dark on the Big Green Egg, but he was damn tasty. There was a good bit of smoke flavor and some nice juicy pork in there, especially around the cheeks. There was a good bit of other food and wine, too.
A cured and smoked side of line-caught wild Alaskan salmon that my buddies hauled in just a week earlier in the waters around Homer, AK.
My contribution was smoked Gouda and roasted poblano macaroni and cheese. It turned out pretty good, but it did dry out a bit as I cooked it too far in advance of the party.
We were treated to a 6 Liter bottle of 1989 Bruno Paillard Champagne from one of our many generous friends. That's right, 6 liters of Champagne, also referred to as a Methusalah, which is equal to 8 full bottles if you're wondering. It was a bit of challenge to lug around and pour from as it weighed nearly 75 pounds when full. The bubbly inside was pretty incredible; fresh and vibrant despite being nearly 25 years old.
We also had a killer magnum of white Burgundy from Fontaine Gagnard that was delicious and not premoxed.
Perhaps the best bottle of the day was the 1995 Remoissenet Montrachet. The Grand Cru Montrachet vineyard is rather soundly argued to produce the greatest dry white wines on the planet. This 1995 is a wine that is hard to describe in words. Just brilliant. It was a good cap to a fun evening of good eating, drinking, and camaraderie.

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