September 21, 2012

Mezcalito's Cantina in Oakhurst

Oakhurst. Decatur's appendage. It's a cool little village, not really big enough to be its own city, but big enough to matter. I'll admit, I don't spend a lot of time in Oakhurst, outside of frequenting the Oakhurst Market for Benton's bacon, and for dropping the kid off at school. That being said, I went to Mezcalito's Cantina in the heart of Oakhurst for the first time in a couple years recently and had a very good meal.
The tostadas with pulled chicken.Fresh and clean flavors. A wee bit sloppy, but flavors were there and the shredded chicken was nicely done.
Steak and goat cheese enchiladas. Don't be alarmed, the rice is green because its cooked with spinach and cilantro (the menu told me that). Again, despite the slightly sloppy presentation, good, clean flavors here, somewhat atypical for many of our local Mexican joints.
 Tacos. Chipotle shrimp special and chicken.
Patio mural at Mezcalito's.

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