August 28, 2012

Recent Home Cooking

Some recent pics and words on the home cooking I've done recently. Above is a picture of the brisket and pork butt cooked for 10 hours on my Big Green Egg. The brisket was awesome, a nice crust and smoke ring with great flavor and texture throughout.
With the brisket and pulled pork sandwiches I made an old Julia Child recipe for Zucchini Tian which is a fancy name for zucchini casserole. Shredded zucchini cooked in cream and the rendered zucchini water topped with Parmesan cheese and baked until golden. What's not to like here?

I also tried my hand at replicating the Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich following Kenji at Serious Eats' riff on the CFA original. There's nothing too tricky about this recipe, though Kenji did tweak the concoction of spices and the flour coating enough to create a sandwich that tastes a good bit like the CFA classic. I didn't get a great pic (hey now, pickles), but trust me, the taste was close to the original.
And more from Kenji, as I tried his take on Peruvian-style grilled whole chicken. No kidding, this was some of the tastiest chicken preparations I've had recently. The Peruvian marinade is really just loads of garlic, cumin, paprika, vinegar, and olive oil. The flavor penetration is impressive. Removing the back bone and flattening the whole bird helps with even cooking and allows for the crisping of the skin on the grill during the last bit of cooking. I cooked the chickens on the BGE over indirect heat for about 45 minutes before finishing on direct 500 degree for the last 15 minutes. Tasty.

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