July 1, 2012

Travel Bites and Sips in CT

Spent some time visiting family in CT this past weekend. Some highlights include the pizzas at Stanziato's in Danbury. Stanziato's is only a couple years old, but they are making their mark in the crowded CT landscape of great pizza. They seem to do a lot of things right: they use primarily local grown ingredients, with flour imported from Naples, and they fire the pizzas in a wood-burning oven at 800+ degrees. The pizzas were all tasty. The crust was thin, nicely blackened in spots, and nice air pockets all through.
Summer lovin': Manchego, local heirloom tomatoes, basil pesto
 Roasted cauliflower, burrata, and truffle.
Beautiful Gift: La Quercia prosciutto, grape tomatoes, mozz, balsamic 
Also drank some of my favorite beers that can sadly only be found in New England. Berkshire Brewing Company out of Deerfield, MA produces unfiltered, unpasteurized beers that contain no chemical additives or preservatives. As such, they don't travel well and can only be found in the MA and CT region. They produce nine styles of beer year round inlcuding the uber-tasty Czech-style pilsner and extra pale ale pcitured above. Great beer. Period
Of course, we had to drink some wine, too. Including the 1973 Santenay from Jacques Martin pictured above. Fascinating, as always, to drink well-aged wine, and this one was quite nice. Aged Burgundy can be a great adventure, as it was this night when a simple village wine delivered. 
Nicely-aged California Cabernet as well. 1995 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley was outstanding. Bordeaux-like, yet still fresh fruit and great balance. Very classy at 17 years of age.  


  1. Don't they do a lot of charcoal-fired pizza ovens in CT too?

    Hope you're doing well, buddy!

  2. Coal-fired. They got a couple.
    Pretty good, too, from what I'm told ; )

  3. Really enjoyed having you up north for the weekend! Glad you got a chance to try our new favoite pizza place too... of course the coal-fired places are still top notch and are the best at what they do, i just appreciate the artisal style and effort that Stanziato's puts into their pizza's; everything else they do is great too like their oven cooked wings and fresh salads... Pepe's is still top dog on the CT pizza list though... Happy 4th!!