July 15, 2012

Summer at Cakes & Ale

Figured I'd update my ongoing chronicles of Cakes & Ale with some pics from a summer visit last weekend. I, like most of the people in the area, adore Cakes & Ale; it is Decatur's first and finest seasonal, farm-to-table-for-localvores restaurant. We showed up with reservations on a Friday night and were lucky to snag the last open table at the bar. For the first time, maybe ever, I didn't love all the dishes. The head-on GA shrimp above was tasty, but wrestling with head-on shrimp in a bowl of broth is a pain unless you're at shrimp boil, and this dish was just not as tasty as it looked.
Salmon croquettas with sauce gribiche. This was a rather pedestrian dish by Cakes' standard; decent, but not really memorable. 
Tuna conserve with fresh pole beans and shishito peppers with pesto was a pretty dish. But again, there was no punch to the pesto coating the veggies. While I can't knock the clean freshness of the dish, there was an overall lack of punch to the flavors here. Even a little sprinkling of salt and cracked pepper would have helped.  We did really like the burrata with fresh peaches (no pic, sorry) and the off-menu Desperados (tequila, lime juice, bitter lemon soda, agave, cilantro) we coaxed the bar into making us were spot on. While it was a mixed experience overall, in the end, I'll return, and soon, to see what Billy and crew has cooking.

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