July 28, 2012

Home Cooking: Deep Fried Pizza

So, I recently took a stab at making deep-fried pizza. I got the idea from this guy, who got the idea from this guy, who got the idea from these guys. I used this dough recipe, but with a little less water as it makes the dough a little easier to work with for frying.

The dough fries in a WOK with the oil at a temperature of 375 degrees.
You cook in the oil briefly, for about 90 seconds so that the dough does not get totally dried out and become carnival-style fired dough. Getting a spongy heap of dough to hit a wok filled with hot oil is a bit tricky, and dangerous. Kenji, genius of Serious Eats, describes it as if you were to "gingerly lower a slippery conger eel slowly into a pool without getting any water on you." It's not easy, and it gets messy. Also, once the dough hits the oil it has a tendency to really expand and puff up. I had to use my spider to keep the dough submerged, and I also flipped several times for even cooking.
The pies were tasty, some of the tastier pies I've made at home. The dough is not greasy, as you might think it would be, and you get a crisp exterior and a rather puffy and light interior. But, they weren't perfect, so I suppose I just need to keep practicing. Not wanting a total disaster, I think I pulled the dough from the oil too early on a couple of the pies. I did finish the pies under the broiler which gives some nice color to the crust and cooks the toppings.

Mexican pizza with beans, jalapeno, jack cheese, cilantro, and chipotle salsa. I really liked the Mexican pie with this dough treatment. Tasted somewhere between a decent pizza and tasty nachos.


  1. Work that deep fryer...

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