June 8, 2012

Revolution Doughnuts

Revolution Doughnuts, the brain child of  Maria Moore Riggs,  opened last weekend along West College Ave in Decatur. To say the shop Decaturites were anxious for the opening would be an understatement. Maria's Little Hen Bakeshop has been a regular presence at the Decatur Farmer's Market for a couple years now. The doughnut shop, from my perspective simply as a neighborhood customer, has been a hit already, with long lines and robust activity from day one. A testament to what attention to detail and hand-crafting great products can bring. Kudos to the Revolution crew.
The display case; which is in a constant state of needing replenishing thanks to the crowds pouring to get at these doughnuts. The doughnuts, including the salted caramel and bacon pictured above, are quite decadent and delicious, especially if you catch them hot out of the over.There are also, at any given time, several vegan options like blueberry, or the tasty vanilla bean I tried yesterday.
 Picture above: the toasted almond, cake-style-vegan doughnut.
I would suggest you should try these doughnuts, but judging from the lines that poured out on to the sidewalk and down the block last weekend, I'm pretty sure the word is already out. 
Go get some if you haven't already. But get there early.

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