April 9, 2012

Beach Drinking: Hard Likker

I recently spent some time at the beach along the Florida Gulf Coast. While I like my share of wine, beach living is made for cold beer and hard liquor, not Grand Cru Burgundy. That's just a fact. The thing about hanging out on the gulf coast during spring break is that it seems almost every other person there on spring break was someone I knew from metro-Atlanta. That led to a couple of big 'ol parties in the beach house. The Fidencio Mezcal pictured above was brought over by Thirsty South, who happened to also be in town. He whipped up some tasty Mezcal cocktails for the thirsty crowds at one of the parties. A tasty, smoky and floral Mezcal that's available around ATL.  
The Laddie Ten, from Bruichladdich, was perhaps the drink of the week. A terrific Scotch from the isle of Islay off the west coast of Scotland.  The Laddie Ten is an easy drinking, Scotch that is full on rich on the palate, with raw sugar and fruit notes along with toasty oak. Really tasty stuff. It is not cheap at $50, but if you like a good scotch, it's worth that much, easy. At Greene's and Tower.
Earlier in the week, while on a beer run, we stumbled upon a single bottle of the rare Angels Envy bourbon in a liquor store right outside Rosemary Beach. We jumped on it, as the stuff is hard to find. Angels Envy is a boutique, small batch bourbon made by Master Distiller, Lincoln Henderson. Finished in port wine barrels, it's an oaky and very big bourbon that really needs some air to open up. I didn't love it and would probably spend similar money on Elijah Craig 18.


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