March 5, 2012

High West Silver Whiskey

I recently bought a bottle of High West Silver Whiskey Western Oat. Unlike High West's popular Rye, the Silver is a clear whiskey, not unlike moonshine. It's made from 85% oats and 15% barley malt, and spends all of 5 minutes in barrel, hence it's clear color.
High West Distillery is located in Prk City, UT. They make some tasty ryes and they also make they also make the very cool pre-mixed Barrel-Aged Manhattan pictured above.  As for the High West Silver, one of the suggested uses, aside from drinking it neat or on the rocks, is to use it as you would Shochu. What's Shochu you say? Shochu is a Japanese distilled liquor that is similar to vodka. I had my first experience with Shochu last summer at Miso Izakaya. True Shochu has less alcohol than traditional alcohol, but the same cannot be said for the High West Silver I used. 
What I concocted above is a shochu type mojito with fresh mint, simple syrup, and fresh lime juice topped with a little bit of soda water. It's a tasty drink, more for summer sipping, perhaps, but tasty nonetheless. I also used the High West Silver to make a tasty whiskey-spiked basil lemonade, but more on that later...
You can find High West Silver around town for $35 at places like Tower, Greene's, and Toco Giant.


  1. High West whiskey is one of my favorite liquors. I love its taste. It's a good idea to make a concoction out of whiskeys and these healthy ingredients. I am going to try it myself.

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  2. This type of wine is one of my favorite aside from the sauvignon blanc.I used to drink too much wine but my Lubbock dentists noticed that my teeth are getting yellowish. I then have to undergo teeth whitening treatment so I had no choice but to drink wine occasionally.

  3. I love this whiskey as well. I actually have a stock of High West whiskeys. I also have other liquors in my cabinet such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Anyway, I would like to try this concoction as well.