March 20, 2012

Fried Chicken at Big Tex Decatur

I recently posted about my affinity for Big Tex in Decatur. It's close to my house and an easy place to have a few drinks and some Texas-style comfort food. This past week I tried the Big Tex fried chicken plate again. I first tried their chicken back in February after it had been given the thumbs up by The Legend.
The fired chicken at Big Tex is pretty good. Nice crunch to the exterior and a good bit of flavor to the meat coming from the 24 hour brine. I will say that the meat itself was a bit dry this time; it wasn't the first time I ordered. And, it's not nearly as juicy and flavorful as the kick ass fried chicken I had at OES last month. That being said, it's a worthy plate of fried chicken, though other folks, more well-versed in fried chicken-ry, may have to weigh in on its absolute merits. I will say, the fried chicken plate at Big Tex is a good deal at only $10 for the half order (pictured above), which also comes with your choice of two tasty sides, such as the smokey collards or potato salad.

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