February 29, 2012

Fried Chicken at One Eared Stag

(photo by EatItAtlanta, with additional support from Rowdyfood)
Got together this past Monday with a bunch of oenophiles, foodies, and semi-professional revelers for fried chicken night at One Eared Stag in Inman Park. I'll bet this gets written up by other, more well-versed fried chicken fanatics, but I will say the chicken was really good. Some of the best fried chicken I've had 'round town in a while. It is certainly some of the juiciest fried chicken I've had, and the meat itself was loaded with flavor. Do yourself a favor and try this fried chicken, but do so on Monday nights 'cause that's when it's available.
We also had some bone marrow, tasty almonds and olives, and fried shrimp heads for appetizers. 
There was a lot of wine, too. About 30 bottles of wine scattered among myriad wine glasses. As Oscar Wilde once said, "nothing succeeds like excess," and we did our best to prove that true on Monday night. Now go check out One Eared Stag's fried chicken if you haven't already.

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