February 8, 2012

Decatur Eats: Big Tex Decatur

I spend a good bit of time eating at Big Tex Decatur, just off the west side of the square in Decatur. That being said, I've never done a blog post Big Tex. No reason for that, really, as I like the place quite a bit. It has more to do with the fact that it's usually pretty dark inside and I never get good pics...and I don't like to do blog posts with nothing but narration...but here goes.

Recently, Big Tex turned out a new menu with a renewed focus on Texas/Southern-style home cooking while dropping the "Mex" from their original Tex/Mex concept. My wife was not happy. A boycott ensured, but I digress. What's left on the menu now is less Tex/Mex (gone are the killer brisket tacos and West TX style stacked enchiladas) and more Texas/Southern-inspired comfort food (chicken fried steak, cheeseburgers, and fried chicken)

On my last visit I tried the fried chicken. I'm no fried chicken connoisseur, but I thought the fried chicken was very good. The crust was airy and crispy, and not at all doughy or soggy. The meat was moist, but lacked a bit of flavor despite the claim of a 24 hour brine. I didn't get much of a punch from the flavor of the chicken. Other current favorites are the carnitas and the Terlingua cheeseburger, a damn tasty burger topped with brisket chili.

The numerous sides at Big Tex are really an area of strength. Smoky collards, decadent and creamy roasted corn, brisket chili, and the pinto beans are all serious winners. And you certainly get your money's worth at Big Tex as the portions are rather huge, which almost guarantees that you'll leave with your next morning's breakfast all set. Provided, that is, you like carnitas and cold fried chicken for breakfast.

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