February 14, 2012

Burgundy, Burgundy: A Couple from 2007

I've posted several times recently about needing to be more in touch with most wine consumers and not so focused on wines that most people can't, won't, and don't ever drink. That being said, I do occasionally have to send some love to the wine I love most, Pinot Noir from Burgundy.
Now for the geeky stuff: the 2007 vintage is not a particularly noteworthy vintage in Burgundy. Considering both 2008 and 2009 have been hyped as great vintages, it's easy to forget an easy and early drinking vintage like 2007. The nice thing about less-heralded vintages if you can often find good deals on them as bandwagon jumpers clamor for the more well-reviewed (read: often over-hyped) vintages.
I've had several really tasty 2007s recently, mostly from the Beaune region, and the two above are from Volnay to be specific.
The 2007s show real finesse, they are pretty wines, ready, in many cases, for drinking now. Sure, they may shut down a bit, only to emerge brilliantly once again in 10 years, but there are some that are right tasty now. I've also had numerous 2007 Village and Bourgogne level wines that were also really tasty early on. If you see a bottle around town in your price range don't be afraid to give when a shot now.

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