January 9, 2012

Proletariat Drinking

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I lament from time to time that I cannot drink like a 1%er all the time. This was made quite clear to me recently as 2012 greeted me with some unexpected expenses. Perhaps I needed a little reminder that I am of the 99% and this should be reflected in my drinking. As much as I love Grand Cru Burgundy, and I do, I really can't afford to drink the stuff regularly. Hence, my 2012 started with some proletariat-style drinking.

What is proletariat drinking? It's drinking the wines of the people. I made that phrase up, but it means something to me. To me, wines of the people are working-class wines that are usually from less heralded wine regions, and hand-crafted by farmers who don't have expensive pr firms or distribution channels. They are not trophy wines, they are wines that are made for drinking, not chasing. These are wines you can buy for $15-$20.
Recently, I've been finding my wines of the people in the wines of the Loire Valley. The Catherine and Pierre Breton Chinon Beaumont is an excellent, earthy and funky Cabernet Franc from Chinon regardless of your political or philosophical leanings. As is the 2009 Domaine du Moulin Cheverny, another wine that tastes like the earth. I would recommend these wines highly to anyone interested in tasting some real wines that aren't mass-produced and overworked. They fact that they are relatively affordable is even better.


  1. Did you get the Breton locally? I've been trying to get that in my shop, and can't find it!

  2. Hey Anonymous-
    Unfortunately, I did not get the Breton locally.
    Have not seen it around town at all.
    I wish it was local, I'd be buying more, regularly.

  3. 2010 Breton Bourgueil Trinch will be available soon at a little shop in Chamblee ;)

  4. I've heard that little shop in Chamblee is pretty cool ;)

  5. It will also be available at a little wine shop in Avondale.;P