January 24, 2012

Drinking Like the 1%

Browse these fine French wines today.

Considering I recently posted on proletariat drinking, I figured I should give equal time to drinking like the 1%.  I'm not going to spell out what drinking like the 1% means, you can use your imagination. On this night, we were actually probably drinking like the .001%, but that's another story. 
This drinking was occurred recently when I got together with some of the usual local suspects for an evening of homemade 'clean-cycle' pizza and some really great wines. Several of the wines were truly exceptional; I feel lucky to drink such wines from time-to-time. As was stated in recent comments on my buddy EatItAtlanta's blog, I don't know if there is much use in posting about the wines in my post here. The truth is, these are wines that most people would probably never spend the money on, nor are these wines readily available even if one wanted to buy a bottle.
That being said, it is fun to share wines with wine geeks that have access to and appreciation of sublime wines. It says something when the 1989 Aldo Conterno Barolo pictured above is just another wine on our Tuesday night. An embarrassment of riches? Perhaps. But, you only get to do this ride once, might as well drink good wine occasionally.   
The pizza was pretty damn good, too. You can make pizza like this at home, too. Just break the locking mechanism on your oven door and cook the pizza on the clean cycle, which will get the oven up around 850-900 degrees. Be careful, though, that's hot, and a even a drop of sauce or cheese at that temp will shatter glass and burn you real good. One taste of the pizza, though, and you'll probably consider it worth the risk.


  1. Ah, now I feel like a jerk for not bringing anything. Was so busy getting my contraption ready I didn't put much thought into it.

    Next time!

  2. I think you brought plenty, Jimmy.
    Maybe we should just call you Syd.