January 20, 2012

Beer Time: Heavy Seas

I don't do much posting about beer, outside of recognizing the genesis of a Decatur beer like Wild Heaven, and appreciating the local Growler craze of 2011. However, I do enjoy a good beer and was prompted into this post by a new favorite brewery of mine, Heavy Seas. Heavy Seas is brewed in Baltimore by Clipper City Brewing and has been cranking out beer since 1994. They have a rather extensive portfolio of brews, from full bodied ales, to stouts and pilsners, as well as numerous limited distribution seasonal brews.
A couple of my favorites right now are from the Pyrate Fleet. The Small Craft Warning Uber Pilsner, a lighter bodied, but very complex pilsner that is easy drinking, but matches well with rich and spicy foods. I'm also growing to really like the Peg Leg Imperial Stout, which is a full-bodied, winter beer that goes well with hearty dishes and even chocolate desserts. This one clocks in at 8% abv. 
The Loose Cannon Hop3 IPA is pretty popular these days, too. It's a full-bodied, hoppy IPA that any craft IPA fan would like. Heavy Seas beers are widely available around ATL at shops like Tower Wine & Spirits and Greene's.

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