December 16, 2011


So, my brother and his wife are in town for a bit of a surprise visit this weekend. Some reflections on how we spent our Thursday.
Lunch at No. 246, where I had this tasty meatball sub and garlic fries.
Then over for a visit to the Bakery at Cakes and Ale to pick up baguette, olive stecca, crazy good lemon-infused pound cake, and espresso.
Then, home to eat some of my Keller-meets-Bourdain-style Cassoulet.
Oh yeah, drank some wine, too.
Not a bad Thursday.


  1. How was the Ecard?

  2. The Ecard was good.
    A 17 year old Savigny from an ok 1er.
    Nothing great, but very Burgundian and correct.
    Thanks A.

  3. Good Thursday indeed. I'd like to add that the porchetta sandwich with roasting just was out of this world at No. 246. Also, while the picture doesn't do it justice that Cassoulet you summoned was out of this world. Thank you, for a real good time!