November 18, 2011

Rock Out with My Stock Out

Rock Out with My Stock Out may sound like a familiar title for my blog post. Seems I was beaten to this post by my buddy EatIt,Atlanta who coined the title (I actually liked his third choice for a title better, but it was rather politically incorrect). What is Rock Out With My Stock Out? Well, it involved spending a Saturday doing the following: drinking a good bit of beer, bubbles, and wine; watching college football (including watching Oklahoma State & Texas Tech miss the over by 3 points...doh!); eating oysters and Momofuku-style pork butt Ssam; all the while making one hell of a good demi glace.

A demi-glace, you say? Demi glace is deep, rich brown glaze made from a reduction of veal stock and Espagnole, one of the five French mother sauces. Since we couldn't get veal bones at YDFM (always fun to confuse the hell out of the staff at YDFM by asking for "special" items!), we settled on 20lbs of marrow bones. You can see what 20lbs of marrow bones look like in the pic at the top of the post. We roasted the bones until golden and dark (see above), then painted them with tomato paste, added the chopped veggies, and roasted for another hour, before deglazing the pans with red wine, potting up and covering with water to begin the reduction. Below are a few pics from the day:

I froze my gallon of demi-glace in ice cube trays and then popped them into ziploc bags for future use. Now, whenever I needed to add a little richness to a sauce or dish (beef bourguignon, anyone?), I just grab a couple blocks of demi from the freezer. The demi will keep like this in the freezer for months.

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday that wrapped up around midnight after our final reductions. Oh yeah, there are even more and better pics over at EatIt,Atlanta.

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  1. This all looks amazing. I, of course, assumed that freezing your stock in cubes was only something me and the world's famous chefs do :) Email me back if you are interested in getting some stuff into print (relaunching local DC paper.) Best, Ariell