November 24, 2011


So, it's Thanksgiving time; a time for reflecting upon those things for which we are thankful. I am fortunate to have many things to be thankful: healthy and talented kids, an equally healthy and talented wife, and supportive family. As I wake this morning to a turkey soaking in this brine in the fridge and a pumpkin tart that I hope sets, here are few other things that inspire me and for which I am thankful:

Friends, such as ThirstySouth, EatItAtlanta, and Rowdyfood that inspire me to be a better cook, eater, and drinker.

The wines of Burgundy. Especially wines like the 1995 Bourgogne from Robert Groffier pictured above. A simple, regional Bourgogne that I drank last weekend. At 16 years of age, it showed better than many Premier Cru wines I have this year and probably cost $15 on release.

And finally, The Grateful Dead. Especially, this version of China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, which I've been digging lately:

Here's to an enjoyable and inspiring holiday season. Be sure to reflect upon those things that get you out of bed each morning and for which you are thankful. Cheers.


  1. Great to call you a friend Dude. This wine stuff is fun. Hope you and your family had a great one.

    I opened a nice, but not stunning B. Gagnard Batard.

  2. Thankful indeed. My Thanksgiving week wine list included $5 swill, an excellent unheard of champagne from a friend, some $8 swill, and an amazingly nice charmes chambertin, among many other wines and a few bottles of Jack Daniel's single barrel among family. Here's to more joy and friendship with a side of music, wine and good vittles.