November 20, 2011

I Just Bought Beer on Sunday!

In case you hadn't heard, with the vote on Nov. 8, fifty-one Metro-Atlanta jurisdictions voted YES to Sunday alcohol sales. As someone who has a decent-size wine cellar in my basement, I've never really found myself wanting for alcohol on a Sunday (and is it really that hard to plan ahead?) Nonetheless, Sunday Sales is a victory for those of us actually living in the 21st century and not pretending it's still 1952.
The Beer Growler in Avondale Estates got permission from their mayor to be one the first shops in the state to start filling growlers today at 12:30. Figured I'd play the heathen and pay them a visit, even though I had plenty of booze 'round the house. Seems I wasn't the only the one excited about Sunday Sales as there were more people crammed into The Beer Growler than I'd ever seen before. I waited about 20 minutes to get my growler full, but, it was worth it. I'm off to get my Sunday drink on.

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