October 17, 2011

It's Good to Drink with Friends

Drinking with friends, it is a good thing.

However, for the sake of this little update, I'm using that term in slightly different way than what you might expect. It pertains to a bottle of wine I opened this weekend. See, this wine, made by Arcadian (one of my favorite California wineries) is actually named in honor of a friend of mine. The wine is the 2003 Arcadian Winery Syrah Starlane Vineyard Robert O. Fleming Cuvee. Robert O. Fleming just so happens to be an Atlantan who I've come to know quite well as a co-conspirator in many food and wine gatherings. As an early partner in the development of Arcadian wines, Bob has been forever immortalized by Joe Davis at Arcadian with several eponymous cuvees. Bob is one the most knowledgeable wine people I know, when he talks about wine...I listen. If anyone deserves to have a bottle of wine named in his honor, it's Bob.
So while I didn't actually share this bottle with Bob, he was there, in spirit.

As for the wine; it's an old world-styled Syrah. It has some northern Rhone leanings. Rather dark and brooding with notes of BBQ meat (Bob is also a BBQ afficianado) and built to age for a long time. A very good wine, indeed.


  1. Drinking without friends is also good. :)

  2. Well yeah, there is that, too!
    Thanks for the visit.