October 10, 2011

A FarmBurger Lunch

Realized it had been a couple months since I had paid a visit to Farmburger, so we stopped in for lunch this past weekend. Farmburger has gone big time now that they have a second location in Buckhead, but the original shop in Decatur is still on their game. I've been eating a lot of beef lately, so on Saturday, I opted for the No. 4, a Chicken Burger topped with pickled onions, arugula, and goat cheese. It was a damn fine chicken burger. Not at all dry which can sometimes be the case with chicken burgers. Had to get an order of the kick-ass FarmBurger onion rings as well.
We also tried the red bean chili (good), and the soup of the day, a creamy tortilla and roasted chicken concoction that was much better than I expected. Don't know why I didn't expect much, but low expectations can be a good thing. The soup featured a rich, salty (but not too salty) base that was creamy and homey with nice chunks of roasted chicken and tasty slivered tortilla chips on top. It was a good lunch, I needed a nap afterwards.

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