October 21, 2011

Dry Soda

I was recently able to sample some soda from the Dry Soda Company. Dry Soda, you say? Yep, that's right. Dry Soda was developed several years ago by a Seattle mom who wanted an option to sugary sodas of which most Americans drink too much. Each bottle of Dry Soda has between 45-70 calories per bottle and all are sweetened with a touch of cane sugar and flavored with natural ingredients. The "dry" in the name actually comes from wine nomenclature where dry typically means "less sweet."
The Dry Soda company sodas are note your run-of-the-mill soda flavors. Instead, you'll find flavors such as Vanilla Bean, Lavender, Blood Orange, Juniper Berry, and Dry Rhubarb. The sodas are all quite tasty. I think my favorite is the Juniper Berry, it's more of an adult flavor for soda that has a bit of a gin flavor to it. The Vanilla Bean is great, too, tasting a bit like a classic cream soda without the heavy sugary finish. These sodas will soon be available in the Atlanta market, so be on the lookout.


  1. Any idea where to buy in Atlanta? I love DRY but can't find it here.

  2. Hi Kayla.
    Thanks for the visit.
    This is the list I was sent from Dry a couple months ago. Not too many options around town as of now. Supposedly, they are will have better distribution here soon:
    Boxcar Grocer (Atlanta)
    Dickey Farms (Musella)
    The Olde Pink House (Savannah)
    White Horse Wine and Spirits (Augusta)

    You can also buy the soda online. A mix 24 pack for $32.