September 6, 2011

The Bakery at Cakes & Ale and the Return of David Sweeney

As many of you know, Cakes & Ale, my favorite Decatur eatery, recently relocated to a bigger space on Decatur Square near the Marta Station on Church Street. Along with the bigger space, the restaurant now offers breakfast and lunch daily.
Even better news came a week ago when it was announced that David Sweeney, the mastermind behind the now defunct Dynamic Dish, would be at the reigns for lunch service at Cakes & Ale. David has a bit of a cult following around Atlanta for his masterful work with food. Ask a foodie about their favorite Atlanta eateries in the past five years and Dynamic is sure to be at the top of the list. Kudos to Billy and the Cakes & Ale crew for bringing Dynamic Dave in to run lunch.
Billy and David working lunch

I hooked up with a couple of fellow local bloggers for lunch during the first week of the bakery's lunch service last week. We sampled five dishes over the course of lunch.  The quinoa bowl is just delicious. Quinoa, tender beans, peas, and expertly prepared brunoise of peppers, onions, and herbs topped with fresh cheese. Coincidentally, my last lunch at Dynamic Dish featured a similar dish that was equally delicious last year.
Also incredibly tasty was the crostini topped with fresh goat cheese, butternut squash, jalapeno, and cilantro with a side of heirloom tomatoes dressed with balsamic.

We also shared an ultra-fresh and seasonal tasty green salad, as well as a rich and smokey trout spread on slider-sized brioche sandwich. The key here to the delicious food, as it always has been at Cakes &Ale, is the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Sweeney also demonstrates his genius again in how he builds flavor into seemingly simple dishes. Each bite tastes familiar; yet, each bite is also layered with rich, bright, pronounced flavors.

The lunch dishes are not big; you'll see prices that may seem cheap at first glance, but you'll need a couple of items to really feel full at lunch. That said, it will certainly be money well spent. I can't wait to return for more of this lunch goodness.

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