September 15, 2011

2011 Decatur Wine Festival

The 2011 Decatur Wine Festival is scheduled for Saturday, November 5 this year. This festival has become one of Decatur's premier festivals. I wouldn't know first-hand, as I've never been. I'm not big on mass wine tasting festivals. The ones I've attended, albeit never in Decatur, are often overcrowded, with too many people sucking down what is mostly mass-produced, overworked wines made in the hundreds-of-thousands of cases by large corporate beverage entities. That's not to say this festival won't be a grand time; it's hard not to have a grand time when hanging out in Decatur. And my disdain for large food and wine festivals is not a knock in anyway on the one being held here in my fine city of's just not my thing. But, if it's your's a list of participating wineries.
 Tickets for the wine festival went on sale Thursday, Sept. 15 at a cost of $35. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are available through

The festival is held on the Square in Decatur.

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