August 29, 2011

Wines this Week

I thought I might get back to posting some quick wine reviews occasionally, as I did when I first started this blog just over two years ago. It's been bloody hot lately and I really haven't been opening too much wine. Something about 95 degree heat leads me to drinking beer or bourbon. Nonetheless, some thoughts on a few recent wines that I did manage to open.

2009 Borsao Garnacha- I've posted on this wine before.The Bodegas Barsao wines are widely available and they are consistently good buys. Prefect wines when you want to open a decent $10 bottle of wine at a party where no one really wants to think too much about the wine. It's a juicy blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Tempranillo. I got my bottles at Ansley Kroger for all of $10. 

R.H. Coutier Ambonnay Brut (NV)
R.H. Coutier is a domaine that has been located in the Ambonnay Grand Cru region in Champagne since the 17th century. This Brut, while not a cheap Champagne, is worth the $40 asking price for those occasions when you want a little more than supermarket Champagne. 

2008 Faiveley Mercurey Clos des Myglands-- Domaine Faiveley has been cranking out world-class Burgundy for over seven decades. This bottle is an excellent value buy from Mercurey, an unheralded commune in the Cote Chalonnaise region of Burgundy. Not a lot of depth, but right tasty. A bit tight right now, may see some upside with age. Rather ripe and fleshy, but good and perfect for a non-pedantic dinner crowd. About $25 if you look around.

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  1. great collection of wines!! already taste all of them - everything is so good