August 8, 2011

Cakes & Ale Is Moving On...

I stopped in at my favorite Decatur eatery, Cakes & Ale, Friday night for one last dinner in the original space before this little piece of heaven goes big time on August 16. Perhaps they already are big time, but now that will be reflected in the physical size of the new location. If you haven't heard, Cakes & Ale is relocating to a bigger space on the square in Decatur. The new restaurant will allow Cakes & Ale to double their seating, as well as offer them the opportunity for a full service bakery on premises. The new spot opens August 16. There are details here.
Friday night the food was nothing short of brilliant again. From the tasty fig, peach, and mozzarella salad to the flatbread with eggplant puree (another revelation) and parmesan, and the smoked duck salad. I like the fact that every time I visit Cakes & Ale there is at least one element in one of our dishes that I've either never tasted, or encounter very infrequently. Last time, it was a silky smooth sunchoke puree, this Friday it was the ground cherries in my smoked duck dish.
Ground cherries are not what you might think from the name, they are more like tiny green tomatoes. They brought a slight crunch and a crisp acidity to the dish balancing the richness of the duck and the sweetness of the peaches. A great dish for duck lovers like me. Our table also had the tasty pork leg with cranberry beans and cucumber, and the whole trout for two, which is a winner dish for sharing.

So, that's it for the little Cakes & Ale on the corner and their handful of tables full of revelers night after night. I look forward to the new space and hope they don't lose that quaint neighborhood feel that made the original space so special. There are very few restaurants that seem to never miss with me, and Cakes and Ale is one of them. I look forward to their ongoing evolution.

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