July 7, 2011

In Praise of Bubbly!

I decided recently that I need to drink more Champagne. I've been fortunate to drink some truly legendary Champagne in the past couple years thanks to some very generous friends. Despite those great wines, I never really thought much about Champagne in the past and never sought it out as something I'd buy regularly. I think part of that attitude comes from being weened on cheap, industrial-strength sparkling wines when I was younger. It seems also that Champagne is often relegated to being a celebration wine, not something one opens on an average Tuesday night. I'm hear to tell you, that's nonsense.
This past week I popped a couple of real nice Champagnes from my meager bubbly collection. The 1999 Godme and the R.H Coutier are both very fine wines that come in at around $40. The great thing about Champagne is that it is perhaps the most versatile wine when it comes to matching with food. Champagne goes with everything, and it's especially tasty to drink ice cold bubbly during the scorching summer months. If you haven't done so lately, get busy and drink some Champagne!

1 comment:

  1. about $40 for simple bottle of Champagne?? LOL)) you must be kiddin' me?