June 10, 2011

Tastes: 2010 Urban Riesling (St. Urbans-Hof)

I recently was able to taste the 2010 Urban Riesling, a value label Riesling made by Nik Weis, the owner and winemaker at St. Urbans-Hof. St. Urbans-Hof is a renowned German house that has a history of producing fine wines from the Mosel region in Germany.

The Urban Riesling line aims to offer a quality Riesling-drinking experience for a retail per-bottle price around $11-$12. According to the winery, the wine is made with a "minimalistic" approach; the grapes are not destemmed and are gently pressed before undergoing a gravity fed sedimentation.

I found the wine to be slightly one-dimensional. There was a lot of residual sugar up front along with some serious lemon and peach flavors. The wine is really packed with upfront sweet lemony fruit. I was looking for a little more acidity and cut, but I'm a big acid-head when it comes to white wines. The wine does represent a good value and would be a hit at summer parties along side some shellfish or barbecue.

Disclaimer: The 2010 Urban Rielsing was provided as a sample by the fine folks at Dana Shapiro Consulting and HB Wine Merchants.

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  1. Chilly riesling sounds nice...too bad we can't ever meet up to drink any. ;)