June 5, 2011

Growler Time at Ale Yeah!

So the growler craze has been buzzing along with the burgeoning Atlanta-Decatur craft beer craze. Ale Yeah, Decatur's uber-hip craft beer shop, had been teasing for a while about joining in the growler fun. During the last week of May the taps started flowing and growlers were being filled.

Here's how it works: You buy a growler like the one pictured above for $4.99. Then you choose from the half dozen or so craft beers on tap in the shop to fill said growler with. There's an ever-changing list of beers on
tap, the day I was in the prices ranged from $7.99-$12.99 depending on the brew.

For example, here's the current growler list from the Ale Yeah website:

Dogfish Head Aprihop $15.99
O'Dempsey's Inukshuk $8.99
Brooklyn Lager $8.59
Duck Rabbit Milk Stout $7.99
Lost Abbey Red Barn $9.99
Dogfish Head Indian Brown $9.59
Terrapin Sunray Wheat $8.59

A growler holds one half gallon of beer, roughly 64 oz, which is like 4 pints of beer. Once you finish your 64 ounces you rinse out growler, go back to Ale Yea, and get a refill of your next brew choice. It's a great way to sample different types of beer from a tap.

I filled my growler with the Jailhouse Slammer Wheat which was quite tasty and the right choice for the 90+ degree heat we've been living with around ATL these days.


  1. Growl! I can't wait until my house suddenly gets valuable, then we can buy that next one in Decatur and drink growlers.

    HIGHLY recommend you go snag the O'Dempsey's Inukshuk when you go back. Super tasty, and local!

    Cheers! Joe @suburbanwino

  2. Decatur would love to have you Joe!
    Thanks for the tip.
    Gonna get my growler filled tomorrow.