February 16, 2011

Woodfire Grill Still Got It

I hadn't been to Woodfire Grill in Atlanta in a while. A long while. Too long, really. I've been a fan of Woodfire since the Michael Tuohy days, but Woodfire is now a rock star restaurant since Kevin Gillespie took over a couple of years ago. I've never been disappointed with a meal at Woodfire. The food is always perfectly situated within the season, and is at once challenging, homey, and satisfying. Again, on this recent visit, there was nary a misstep in anything I tasted.
We started with the roasted honey mussels with house made pancetta., roasted shallot, beurre fondue, chile oil and bread crumbs. This dish was a rich and soul-satisfying start to the meal; the crispy pancetta playing nicely off the texture of the warm mussels. Sorry for the crappy droid pic above.

We also started with the salad of baby lettuces, Benton’s bacon, cucumber, sunchokes, and buttermilk dressing. If there was a slight misstep all night, it was this salad. The lettuces were left large, I suppose on purpose to indicate a famrness or hominess, so much so that what came to the table was a sloppy pile of very large sections of greens. And, the Benton's was hard to find. If you're gonna tell me there's Benton's bacon in the salad, I bet get some damn Benton's! The salad was actually tasty, though, so no deal-breaker here.

The entrees were equally tasty. We ordered the Hudson Valley duck breast with roasted local sunchokes,
alsatian style green cabbage, orange butter, and 100yr old balsamic as well as the grilled natural Angus beef striploin with chimichurri, candied garlic, crispy sweet potatoes, and local oyster mushrooms. The duck breast was the real winner here, perfectly crisped skin and succulent pinkish breast meat that was packed with rich, earthy flavor. The duck breast was a nice match with the red Burgundy I carried in, the 2002 Maruice Ecard Savingy Les Beaune Peuillets (thank you Woodfire for the reasonable $20 corkage fee). In sum, another fine meal at Woodfire Grill.

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  1. As I think chimichurri is made from finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable oil or sunflower oil, white or red vinegar, and red pepper flakes