January 14, 2011

Running Out Of Superlatives: 1995 Edmunds St John Syrah Durell Vineyard

Perhaps you'll recall the love-fest for Edmunds St John wines that I've professed to over the past couple of years. I posted on the magical 1993 Syrah Durell last winter; it was one of my top wines of 2010. Really a magical wine. It seems that most Edmunds St John wines I open are memorable, to the point that I'm running out of superlatives to describe them.

I recently drank another outstanding ESJ Syrah, the 1995 Durell, while visiting the family in CT during the holidays. The 1995, while not quite as brilliant as the 1993, was certainly one of the top wines of the week amidst some serious company. The wine showed an incredible funky and dank barnyardish nose that spoke of old world sensibilities. On the palate, there was smooth dark fruit and a meaty, bacon-like essence that was earthy, dark, and slightly mysterious. While the wine is now 16 years old, it really shows no signs of decline. I wouldn't be surprised if it drank well for another 5 years or more. If you're looking for a Cote Rotie knockoff from California, here it is:
If you haven't tried an Edmunds St John wine and like old world Syrah and Rhone-style wine, you need to try some. They aren't easy to find, but very much worth the hunt....But remember, the thing about Steve Edmunds' wines is that they take time to reveal their beauty. You need to bury them deep in the cellar and forget about them for a while. Your patience will be rewarded.

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