January 19, 2011

Random Photos: January 2011

In light of the fact that I have nothing really interesting to write about at that moment, I thought I might post some recent random photos.
My kid sledding the Kirk Road luge track during Icepocalypse 2011.

My wife made these "popcorn" cupcakes for my daughter's movie-themed birthday party (I have an 11 year old now...crap, I'm getting old). As for the cupcake tops...you (well, in this case, I) split mini marshmallows in half and then squash them back together to resemble popcorn. Fun stuff.
A somewhat uninspiring, albeit young, 2006 Charmes-Chambertin from Gerard Raphet. A nice wine, perhaps not showing true Grand Cru pedigree, but it is quite pretty. Perhaps better some years down the road. Perhaps would have tasted better had the Patriots not been getting it handed it to them by the Jets at the time.
 Good friends of ours in the neighborhood stopped by Sunday night to deliver us a still-warm King Cake. Yay for friends from New Orleans.

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