January 3, 2011

Blizzard be Damned: Time for Pepe's Pizza

Another highlight of our holiday trip to visit family in CT was getting to eat some Frank Pepe Pizza. If you don't know about the legend that is Frank Pepe's New Haven pizza, well, you need to get out more. It is some of the finest pizza in the country, and that's not just my opinion. Frank Pepe's Napoletana Pizza has been cranking out delicious pies since Frank Pepe founded his first shop in 1925 in the Wooster Square neighborhood of New Haven, CT. Over the past hundred years, Pepe's has achieved cult-like status in the world of pizza. Frank Pepe originated the New Haven-style thin crust pizza which he baked in bread ovens fired by coke. Coke is a byproduct of coal and it was used extensively until the late 1960’s when it became unavailable and hence coal was then put into use to fire the oven,

Luckily, Pepe's has expanded to several location in the past few years and the Fairfield location is minutes from my parents' house. My brother talked us into braving the post-blizzard roads to pick up some Pepe's on our last night in CT.

                               The coal ovens at Pepe's in Fairfield, CT.
My brother's favorite: Bacon and Onion
Pepe's pies offer the perfect mix of thin, charred crust, just enough tomato sauce, and fresh salty cheese. Tossing on some bacon and roasted onions only helps. The pies also hold up well when you get them for takeout, and they also reheat well the next day. Really, really fine pizza that I wish I could eat more than just a couple of times each year.


  1. Just looking at that picture of the bacon and onion kick started my salivary glands.. I could actually smell it! Yes that is my favorite, but the pepperoni is stellar and the white clam is legendary. I recommend anyone that is visiting the area to not miss out on Pepe's in any location. I'd say it's due time someone opened one in Decatur, y'all can use some good 'za down there!

  2. Damn...I really want some 'za now!