December 29, 2010

Some Holiday Wines: 2006 Shafer Cabernet Hillside Select

Spent the holidays in Connecticut visiting the family and eating and drinking a lot. A quick recap on some of the wines will pop up in posts as I get back to posting a bit.

My brother was kind enough to treat us with a real fine bottle of California Cabernet. Shafer Vineyards, located in the heart of Napa Valley, is modern California royalty to lovers of California Cabernet. Their Hillside Select bottling is a mythical wine that has achieved cult status in the last 15 years. Many people wait years to get on the Shafer mailing list just to get access to the Hillside Select. It regularly receives scores in the high 90s, and even gets some triple digit scores from major wine critics...if that matters...

We decanted the 2006 for two hours, and it probably needed more. Very big young California Cabernet. Rich dark fruit, cedar notes, some black licorice, too. Long, long finish. Big, heavily fruited wine that really needs some time to shine. Obviously a very fine wine that will be even finer on down the line.


  1. Had a great time drinking some fine wines with you bro! As good as that Shafer was I think the star wine of the visit was the 1995 Edmunds St John. Really elegant and balanced. Look forward to finding some to add to my cellar.

  2. Hey Grapeful Dave, no need to buy Edmunds St John for your cellar, I've got some....just come visit me!

  3. Sounds like a plan, let's not wait too long for that to happen.