December 6, 2010

A Beaujolais Exploration

Recently attended a crazy night of wine and food at the home of a local wine enthusiast. The main event of the night was to taste through a large lineup of Beaujolais wines.

I've recently had some great experiences with current release Cru Boos, but this tasting was off-the-hook with multiple vintages, producers, and villages represented. We were fortunate to have Beaujolais bottles in the lineup from as far back as 1983, all the way up to the current 2009 vintage.
I'd like to say I took notes or could remember my thoughts on all of these wines, but that's just not reality. There were 34 bottles of wine spread out across the room...I tasted and spit, and tasted and spit, and swallowed some. As I discussed with several of the cool dudes in attendance, including ThirstySouth and EatItAtlanta, I was impressed how the majority of the 30+ wines were really well-made and interesting wines that spoke of a place. What's more, many of the wines cost less than $25! Cru Beaujolais really does deliver some bang-for-the-buck.

As for favorites from the lineup and from what I remember: The 1983 Devillaine Saint Amour was still rather alive with dusty cherry fruit and a bit of a tannic bite. Gets bonus points for being totally quaffable at 27 years of age.
Also very strong were a trio of Cru Boos from Masion Louis Jadot's Chateau des Jacques bottlings.
The two Moulin-A-Vent from 2003 showed the ripeness of the hot 2003 vintage (Eat It Atlanta dropped the knowledge here), and the 2005 was drinking on point right now. As for my favorite, that distinction goes to the 2007 Thevenet Morgon Viellies Vignes. Like a powerful young Burgundy, it was full of stemmy goodness and crunchy red fruit. A real treat, but it should be noted that it was perhaps the most expensive Cru Boo in our pack.
I won't drive you cray with all the notes on wines we drank after the Cru Boo tasting...that's right...the tasting was just a warm up. However, it looked a little something like this:

A great night with some great wines and food, and some real fine company.


  1. Rockin' tasting....thanks for the notes!....well, the recap I guess.

  2. A comment from The Legend. I must be going places.
    Should have given you a shout out for coordinating that lineup...Good job.
    It was a good time.
    Gotta get me some 2008 Rivers Marie Cabernet.
    Oaksicles for everyone!