November 1, 2010

Lunch at FarmBurger

Hadn't been to Farmburger in a few months, so stopped in for lunch Monday with my teacher-workday-no-school-post-Halloween candy-coma-son. I've always liked my meals at Farmburger. I can't say I'd proclaim their burgers as really that special, but their food ethics make them worthy of special attention.

The onion rings steal the show, as usual. These are damn fine rings along with the tasty smoked paprika-spiked mayo dipping sauce.
I got the Farmburger No.1. It's a rather vanilla choice, I know, but sometimes a cheeseburger with caramelized onions is what I'm after. The No. 1, in its simplicity of toppings, offers a good  possibility that my FarmBurger wont fall apart into a soupy, gloppy mess...oh yeah, that happens, and not just to me.
This visit to Farmburger was made all the more fun by the conversation I had with my son during lunch. He loves animals, and is recently beginning to put the pieces together about where his food comes from. Kids gonna be a vegetarian soon, I see it coming. He's also inquisitive, as all kids are (nod to Aristotle and John Dewey), which lead to the following questions, prompted by the large pictures of beautiful cows and pigs on the wall at Farmburger:

1. "So Dad, how many hamburgers can you make from one adult cow? I'd hate it if they killed a cow just to make a couple burgers."
2. "Do they put the cows to sleep before they kill them? It would be sad if they didn't put them to sleep first."
3."Do you think the cows get to say goodbye to their families before they get killed?"
4. "Do sharks have meat? I'd rather kill sharks for food instead of cows."

As for lunch at Farmburger, it was good, as usual. My son, despite his line of inquiry, really liked his cheeseburger, fries, and root beer. He wants to go back...for now.

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  1. great post Dude. Interesting to hear your son's perspective. I don't think I had much recognition of where food came from at that age. I wonder if more children do these days, considering the topic/message is out there a bit more.

  2. You dirty hippy!
    Stop waiting for a miracle.
    Go get a job. LOL
    It was a fun lunch, though fielding questions about how your burger was killed does dampen one's enthusiasm for said burger while eating it.
    See for some Grand Cru soon.
    I'll be thinking of you and Black Sabbath this weekend.