October 21, 2010

Dynamic. It is: Lunch at Dynamic Dish

Had another stellar lunch at Dynamic Dish last week. I hadn't been to Dynamic in nearly a year, which is bad on me, as each visit at Dynamic seems to wow me with a stellar food experiences. Lunch was great, as was my lunch companion, EatItAtlanta, who surprised me and showed up with a nice bottle of white Burgundy in hand. There are worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon.
We both started with a bowl of the day's soup. Roasted Georgia eggplant and cannelini beans blended to a lush, creamy consistency and topped with a ginger-almond cream and other goodies. Quite simply, this soup was brilliant, and soul satisfying on a cool fall day.
We also shared some of the veggie plate, which was an amazing mix of butter beans, quinoa, feta, scallions, and more in rich stock. Another beautiful dish that spoke to the season and was so damn tasty. So good, I got another order to go.
I also had the roasted tofu wrap, which was equally delicious, just perhaps not as sexy to see in pictures. Jimmy seemed to really like his turkey sandwich as well. Not really much I can add but to say the meal was a home run on each level. Tasty and clean food that makes you feel good all over.


  1. Nice pics and write-up. Those soups and quinoa bowls are insane.
    D&D is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta. Consistent. Unique. Fresh and healthy. Dynamic Dave rules.

    Burgs always help.

  2. Thank you Mr Rowdy.
    Need to do an offline with Burgs at Dynamic!

  3. and as Lady Rowdy describes Dave's cuisine, "thoughtful."