October 27, 2010

2009 Cru Boo Recap!

I thought it my be time to recap some of my favorite wines from the past couple of months, those being the several really interesting 2009 Cru Beaujolais I've drank. 2009 was a great vintage for Beaujolais and these wines all show terrific young energy, site expression; and best of all, most are priced in the $18-$20 range.

The 2009 Morgon from Marcel Lapierre  is a rather big and powerful wine with plenty in reserve. It's already pretty juicy and gamey, but it has room to improve over the next few years. Nice stuff that I picked up for under $20 at Tower on Piedmont
The 2009 Morgon Delys from Daniel Bouland. 
This wine was also quite large with lots of game and meat notes. A good dose of ripe red fruit, too. Got this one for $23 at Toco Giant in Druid Hills.
The 2009 Morgon Corcelette from Daniel Bouland was full of meaty and dark black raspberry flavors. It was earthy and funky with lip-smacking fruit that is young and crisp. This was $20 at Tower on Piedmont. Another winner in 2009 Cru Boo.
The 2009 Fleurie from Villa Ponciago. From the winery website, "The Villa Ponciago domaine enjoys ideal conditions for expressing all the finesse, elegance and silkiness of the ‘’queen of the crus’’: the omnipresence of the slopes, the crystalline rock, typical of the appellation, plus northeast and south-southwest exposures." The Villa Ponciago is showing the lightest of the Cru Boos on my list. It is clearly a wine that needs some time, which is characteristic of Fleurie. This will be a beauty of a wine a few years down the road. Right now, it really needs some air and to be paired with food to coax it out of its shell. At $17, it's another great buy in 2009.


  1. Thanks for the notes, I have some of the Ponciago too, will hold off on those for a bit.

  2. Just got email: 2009 Jean Foillard Morgon Côte du Pys have arrived! Looking forward to your impression of this juice compared to the others.
    : )

  3. now you're talkin'. All I can muster is to mooch the Burgs off you guys, but I can handle the Cru Boo.

    Where's the best selection in town, in your opinion? It's pretty poor at most places in my neck o' the woods (Total Wine has some stuff, but suprisingly little).

  4. Joe-I like Tower on Piedmont. That's where most of these came from.
    Loving the stuff.
    Thanks for the visit!

  5. yes, I like Tower on Piedmont as well. Don't get down there often, but 'tis the season to fight Beaujolais Nouveau with some Cru.