September 6, 2010

Sun In My Belly: Good Eats in Kirkwood

Finally made another visit to Sun in My Belly for lunch last weekend. While breakfast and brunch seems to be what everyone raves about SIMB for, we stopped by for lunch.

The sandwiches were really tasty, a thoughtful use of flavors and textures that one doesn't usually find in casual lunch fare. Most sandwiches are $8.95 and come with the choice of one side.

The Truffle Chicken Salad Sandwich with Arugula showed clean and precise flavors, it was earthy, creamy, peppery. Just great. The Edamame and Carrot salad with Black Sesame Seeds and Sesame Vinaigrette was tasty as well, but to be honest, it could have used a little salt.
The other sandwich we tried was a winner. Called The Napolean Complex, the sandwich featured pressed Brie, Prosciutto, Red Onions, and Fig Jam on Foccacia. Alongside was a beet couscous topped with goat cheese. The brie and prosciutto was gooey and delicious and the fresh-baked foccacia was right on. The couscous was visually appealing, but like the other side, it lacked some punch in the flavor department and could have used some salt and pepper.
The other cool thing about Sun is that they also offer catering services and are a full-service coffee bar. We finished our lunch with an iced latte with fresh cinnamon syrup. 

Even more importantly, Sun is open later now (until 9PM most nights) and there's a little sign near the coffee shop that states guests are encouraged to bring in their own wine for a $5 corkage fee. Yep. You know where I'll be going for dinner real soon. Look forward to my next visit. 

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  1. Looks good, I actually went there yesterday for the first time.

    Have you had breakfast?

  2. Have not yet had breakfast.
    What did you think?

    We may need to take advantage of the $5 corkage.